What is Diversity? 

As defined in the dictionary, diversity is the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, etc.


Diversity in the workplace could involve several narratives like race, gender, cultural groups, age, belief, nationality, and physical or mental conditions. 


Why is diversity so important in a workplace?


  • Talent Pool

Opening up applications to accommodate more than just a minor set of people allows there to be a larger talent pool to choose from. There is space to reduce the time spent on looking for the right person if there are more qualified people to look for from outside the box. While at the same time improving hiring results because a company that is known for diversification attracts the best talent.


  • Expansion Plans

Secondly, diversification opens up opportunities to expand geographically and internationally. Having a wide range of employees from different backgrounds assists with creating different market strategies to reach out to different targets worldwide.


  • Target Demographics

Thirdly, similar to expansion diversification can allow for a business to be able to increase its targets when it comes to demographics. When it comes to branding and advertising having a diverse group of people increases innovation and creativity, allowing the attraction of different demographics.


  • Reduced Turnover

Lastly, diversity and inclusion in the workplace cause all employees to feel accepted and valued. When employees feel accepted and have a sense of belonging to the company, they are happy in the workplace. This generates loyalty to the company.


Employers are encouraged to keep promoting inclusiveness into their hiring schemes more to keep up with the current environment. Shugulika Africa offers a large talent pool of candidates. Visit our website to register as an employer and learn more about our services.