When looking for the right talent a number of tools can be used to ensure that the candidate that lands the job has a short turnover time and fits the culture of the company well. Tools may include hiring internally or using professional networking events however, the most effective tool however would be using References. 


Performing Reference Checks is a normal practice in any hiring process. It involves contacting previous employers, managers, indirect or direct supervisors to verify key employment information and get more of a clear picture of the person you are about to hire. 


What are the benefits of incorporating a reference check into your hiring process?

  • Opportunity to uncover RED FLAGS

Having questions that enquire more about the candidate's integrity, working under pressure, and ethics, while employed, gives a better understanding of how the candidates react to a pressure-filled work environment. 

Asking specific, open-ended, questions would lead the reference to disclose ways in which the candidate reacted to certain situations such as supervision.


  • Opportunity to learn more about a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

Secondly, supervisors have the unique opportunity to see first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates while in a work environment. Even though this question is commonly asked the candidates directly, it is realistic to have an opinion from an unbiased party.


  • Opportunity to see a glimpse of their capacity.

Lastly, asking questions about significant achievements and leadership skills allows the hiring manager to know more about how much the candidate handled in his previous role and how much he will bring to the table once he is hired.


If you are able to ask follow-up questions in order to know more information on the achievements in terms of numbers, this allows hiring managers to have an estimate in terms of numbers how much the candidate can achieve. 

References do come with setbacks like having candidates only submit references that will sing their praises and also most companies and hiring managers rarely read reference checks. It still serves as one of the most effective tools to get to know more about a candidate.


Shugulika Africa incorporates thorough reference and background checks for all our hiring processes. Visit our website  to learn more about the available services.