Recruiting can be one of the most tedious processes to go through both by an agency and internally. During the recruitment process, many things are not in your control because it involves the cooperation of other people.


So what steps can we take to make the recruitment process smooth?


  • Understand what you need

Firstly, understand what you are looking for in a candidate. When initiating the recruitment process it is essential to take the time to understand what is missing from the organization and what type of candidate will fill the gap.


  • Develop an Employer Brand

Secondly, make sure that your company has a reputable employer brand. How do people react to joining your team? Create a healthy environment for the staff that you currently have.

Candidates are encouraged to apply for opportunities that build careers and provide growth. Invest in creating an environment that attracts candidates to you.


  • Plan your recruitment stages

Thirdly, have your stages planned out. Realistically how long do you have to make this happen? Having a timeline will help create a clear picture of to plan your recruitment stages out.

Pick a recruitment plan that fits your schedule while providing enough time to collect candidate resumes.


What does a planned out recruitment process look like?


In a nutshell, the recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, searching for the proper candidates, screening and selecting candidates, ensuring that the hiring and the integrating process with the candidate go smoothly.


  • Prepare a Great Job Description

Now that you have a better understanding of what is needed from the candidate, practically put it out into a detailed Job description.  


The Job description needs to be straightforward and clearly outline what is expected of the candidate.  


Here is an article on “How to create a Job description that attracts the right Candidate”


  • Talent Search

One of the biggest challenges hiring manager’s face is finding the correct candidate for the job. There are several ways to acquire candidates like internal databases, advertising using social media and newspapers, employee referral, and online recruitment portals.  


Shugulika Africa provides a platform with access to over thousands of candidate profiles. 

The platform allows you to post jobs, receive unlimited number of applications and browse through a wide pool of talents using smart filters to source your perfect candidate. Shugulika can also advertise your vacancies on social media to increase visibility and get more applicants. Check out for more information.


  • Outsource the Recruitment process

Lastly, another option to a smooth process is outsourcing a recruitment agency. This can be a cost-effective option since reduce the expenses associated with most parts of the recruitment process.  


Shugulika Africa offers a wide range of services such as searching for candidates, evaluating them, doing background checks and screenings, interviewing, and Psychometric tests (optional).  


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